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MPO Works For Macedonia
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Works for Macedonia
is the MPO's program for charitable and humanitarian work in Macedonia. Funded by donations to The Gotse Delcheff Fund and direct donations of time, goods, and materials from volunteers and Macedonian and non-Macedonian sources, the MPO's Works for Macedonia Program allows the MPO to channel its charitable fund raising efforts into results for those in need of humanitarian assistance in Macedonia.

Over the years, the MPO has engaged in countless charitable and humanitarian endeavors for the Macedonian people throughout historical Macedonia and in the Republic of Macedonia. In recent years, some of these activities include the following.

  • In December 2009, Giving is the spirit of Christmas. Giving so children can be happy is its essence. The MPO accomplished both by mailing more than 325 pounds of used books to schools in Probistop, Republic of Macedonia. They arrived within two weeks. The books were sent to augment English language classes, required in all Macedonian schools for students in grades 1 – 12. Now a library can be established so students can read in English to their hearts content. It all came about through the generosity of people who attended the MPO convention in the Hyatt Regency Columbus last September. They took the time to go through their collections and brought boxes and sacks fi lled with books and magazines to entice the students to increase their English language skills. It also was made possible by the astuteness of Evelyn Dinu, Detroit, who noticed many books were left when her church rummage sale ended. She gathered them up, and together with fellow Detroiter George Rochette (who did the heavy work for her) shipped them off. Dr. Leon Speroff, head of the MPO’s Gotse Delcheff Foundation, agreed that foundation funds could be used to pay shipping expenses. Early last summer, Peace Corps Volunteer Michael Erhartic sent out a plea for used books to entice his students in Probistop to read. He didn’t need textbooks. What he wanted was interesting used reading material such as travel brochures, maps, children’s books with fun themes, biographies, and magazines. The call went out through articles in the TRIBUNE – the books had to be used; packaging had to be kept at less than $50 value for custom purposes and because the recipient in Macedonia had to pay to receive them. Any other way made them unaffordable. And the books were gathered, packaged and sent – two large boxes from Detroit, fi ve International Postal bags fi lled with 12 boxes from MPO Headquarters, Fort Wayne. “The selection of reading materials was wonderful, attested to by the excitement among the students and teachers who had rarely, if ever, seen a child’s book written in English,” writes the man who started it all – US Peace Corps Volunteer Michael Erhartic. The looks on the teacher and students’ faces Giving and receiving transcends international borders Lane Buckner, Postmistress of the Arcola (Ind.) USPS station, and Mike Harris, owner of Toscani’s work to package six international postal bags fi lled with 12 boxes containing 250 pounds of used books. Toscani’s Pizzeria is located in the Macedonian Tribune Building, Fort Wayne. PDF

  • In October 2002, the MPO partnered with Providence Hospital of Southfield Michigan to donate cardiac ultra sound equipment to the Clinic of Cardiology in Skopje, Macedonia. This project brought together the MPO, Providence Hospital, Ascension Healthcare System, Hewlett Packard, the Macedonian Embassy to the United States of America, the Embassy of the United States of America to the Republic of Macedonia, and the Macedonian Agency of Emigration all of which worked together to make this donation and the transport of the equipment to Skopje possible.

  • In September 2004, the MPO announced that in cooperation with the Macedonian Competitiveness Agency, a division of the United Stated Agency for International Development, it was donating medical equipment to the Institute for Respiratory Disease in Children ("IRDC") located in Skopje. The MPO and the IRDC also agreed to a long-term relationship of support and networking between physicians at the IRDC and physicians and hospitals in the United States and Canada.

  • In 2004 and 2005, MPO National Vice President for the United States, Vladimir Atseff, and his wife Stephanie Atseff partnered with their local church to raise funds for the purchase of schoolbooks for needy children in the Republic of Macedonia. These efforts have proven immensely successful with significant contributions coming from the MPO, MPO Chapters, and MPO Individual Members.

  • In June 2006, the MPO donated a pulse oxymeter unit to the Institute for Respiratory Diseases in Children ("IRDC") in Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia. The pulse oxymeter allows physicians at the Institute to safely monitor their young patients and thereby enabling them to administer general anesthesia to children undergoing treatment. Before the donation of the pulse oxymeter unit, over 100 children a year had to endure the pain of a bronchoscopy without general anesthesia. The MPO worked with Makedonka Dimitrova of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Dr. Nada Uzonova of the IRDC to complete this project.

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