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The Gotse Delcheff Fund
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Formed by the MPO in 2001, the Gotse Delcheff Fund is the MPO's primary program for raising funds to support meaningful humanitarian work within Macedonia, the United States, and Canada. The Fund's principal purpose, in the spirit of the Macedonian hero and patriot, is to continue the works of Gotse Delcheff by supporting humanitarian efforts and institutions within the historical boundaries of Macedonia and to support the continuing development of Macedonian youth in the United States and Canada. The Fund is especially focused on Macedonian children and seeks to fulfill the following goals:

  • Aid hospitals and orphanages in Macedonia;
  • Purchase books and supplies for Macedonian schools;
  • Establish networks to secure donations of equipment for schools and hospitals;
  • Open channels to aid in the adoption of Macedonian orphans by American and Canadian families;
  • Sponsor events to promote the Macedonian cultural heritage to our youth;
  • Establish student foreign exchange programs; and
  • Provide scholarships to Americana and Canadian students of Macedonian descent.
  • April 2011 - MPO’s Gotse Delcheff fund gives $3000 Read More

Along with having a great humanitarian aspect, the Foundation also sponsors programs that promote cultural exchanges and experiences for youth with a background or interest in the Macedonian heritage and region. Among the programs are student foreign exchange programs and guided youth tours of Macedonia.

Although the goals of the Gotse Delcheff Fund are exciting and ambitious, it is impossible to accomplish them without the financial support of MPO Members and Macedonians throughout North America. All contributions to the Gotse Delcheff Fund are allocated to those programs set forth above or similar activities. None of the money contributed to the Fund is used for general MPO operations or administrative expenses and a three member board of MPO Members who do not otherwise serve the MPO as a Local or National Officer administers the Fund.

Donors to the fund receive a subscription to the Macedonian TRIBUNE; admission to the President's Reception at the Annual Convention; acknowledgement of support at the Annual Convention and in the Macedonian TRIBUNE; and the tax deductibility of donations (subject to donor eligibility).

For more information about the Fund, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . To make a donation to the Fund, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .