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Noćne Sove
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Jeff Mentzer’s band Noćne Sove to entertain at Day of Discovery

Noćne Sove, “Night Owls” in the Serbian and Croatian languages, will provide the entertainment at Day of Discovery 2017. The band will play a variety of Serbian, Croatian and Macedonian favorites while incorporating music from many other countries along with several American tunes. Eileen Martin on prim, Angela White on bugarija, Kathy White on bass and Jeff Mentzer on prim.

The Macedonian Day of Discovery will be the Night Owls first performance at an MPO event. The group will play the traditional Macedonian oros you’ve come to love like Makedonsko Devojche, Bitola Moj Roden Kraj, and Miserlou and also a few Serbian and Croatian kolos to spice up the night. You will dance the familiar favorites along with peppy oros including Ga ida, Daichevo and ChaChak. Don’t miss Noćne Sove’s debut MPO performance. Plan now to attend and pack your dancing shoes!