Next Generation

Our young adults and youth are the stepping stones to keep the MPO moving forward. Our goal is to promote and preserve our Macedonian traditions, culture and heritage and we need your inspiration to make that happen!

We want to hear from you about your Macedonian background, your hobbies, your dreams, your goals, your career plans, your profession, your talents, and your family. We want to promote YOU – the future of the MPO!

Let’s use this platform to unite the under-40 generation to get involved! Volunteering can take many forms – from writing articles, volunteering at the conventions, mentoring our youth, establishing social networks, and even helping out at the MPO office in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

You let us know how you want to be involved! Contact [link] or call the MPO office at (260) 422-5900 to get started!

Spotlighting our Next Generation

Learn more about the exciting things some of our Next Generation MPO members are doing. We’re always looking for more people to highlight. Contact us with your suggestions.

In October 2019, Elise Isakov became the Macedonian Tribune’s Youth Editor.  Read her inaugural article here: Elise Isakov Oct 2019

With the COVID-19 outbreak, we have come to rely on our public health officials more and more. Read about how Epidemiologist Anna Jean Sauter is keeping us healthy: Anna Jean Petroff Sauter interview

Sometimes we take the United States Postal Services (USPS) for granted. No matter the weather, volume of mail, or global pandemics, Peter Brager is one of the many USPS workers that keep mail moving. Read more here: Peter Brager interview

February is Children’s Dental Health Month. Read about how Dr. Anna Pogoncheff keeps her patients smiling: Anna Pogoncheff interview