Preserving Our History
for the Future

Since 1922, the Macedonian Patriotic Organization’s mission has focused on preserving Macedonian history and culture by creating a sense of community here in the U.S. and Canada. Our common heritage is what bonds us and by coming together as part of the MPO community, we ensure our history lives on for future generations. We invite you to learn about our history and culture and encourage you to become an active member of our Macedonian community.

Upcoming Events


Grand Rapids, MI

August 30th - September 2nd, 2024

Grand Rapids, Michigan is the place to be for the 2024 MPO Convention over Labor Day Weekend, August 30th – September 2nd! All of the festivities will be held at the beautiful historic Amway Grand Plaza, Curio Collection by Hilton Hotel right in the heart of the downtown city!  The hotel is located at 187 Monroe NW and what a memorable moment you will have as you stroll through the historic Pantlind Lobby, the great view from one of the glass Tower rooms, the classical architecture, or your first bite at one of the 7 restaurants & lounges, you too will agree that the Amway Grand Plaza is much more than a hotel, it’s a true destination.

Day of discovery

The MPO cordially invites everyone to our Day of Discovery on May 18, 2024 in Boardman, Ohio (near Youngstown).  Join us for  Cultural Workshops, Essay Competition, Scholarship Award, Buffet, and Vecherinka Dance!

Over the course of many decades, the Day of Discovery event has become a cherished MPO tradition and an amazing opportunity to learn more about our Macedonian customs, history, and traditions.

Our History

This kingdom, Macedon, became a great power under the leadership of Philip II and his son, Alexander the Great.  The Macedonians of this era were likely Illyrians, an ancient people who were probably the distant ancestors of the present-day Albanians.  By 148 B.C., Macedonia was conquered by the Roman Empire and became a Roman province. 

Support Our Mission

Thank you for your interest in supporting the MPO. We are grateful for the generosity of hundreds of individuals who have offered their time, talent and resources to support our organization over the last century. With your help and through its mission, the MPO will continue to expand thus supporting the next generation for the next 100 years!

Become a Member

Become a member of the Macedonian Patriotic Organization! These membership levels are open to any person of Macedonian descent who is at least eighteen (18) years old and their spouses/partners.

Macedonian Tribune

First published on February 10, 1927, the Macedonian Tribune is the longest-running Macedonian newspaper in the world!

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