About Us

Our Organization

Founded on October 22, 1922, the Macedonian Patriotic Organization of the United States and Canada (MPO) is the oldest not-for-profit organization of Americans and Canadians of Macedonian descent in North America, and is headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Throughout our long history, we have never wavered from our founding principle to be “A Switzerland in the Balkans.”  This means we remain committed to celebrating our ancestors’ historical Macedonian roots regardless of their country affiliation (i.e., Bulgaria, Greece, and North Macedonia). While the fundamental mission of the MPO remains unchanged, the MPO has evolved and is currently a multi-faceted not-for-profit organization that:

  • Promotes and preserves our Macedonian customs, history, and traditions;
  • Celebrates the achievements of Macedonians and their contributions to the United States of America and Canada; and
  • Engages in philanthropic endeavors in the United States, Canada, and our ancestral Macedonia.


  • Continue to work for human, civil, and economic rights for all Macedonians of the world
  • Promote and preserve the ethnic traditions, customs and history of our people
  • Promote and develop the cultural and social growth of our youth
  • Promote and strengthen our organization

The Macedonian Tribune and the annual convention are the primary vehicles in achieving our mission.

MPO Structure & Membership

The MPO is governed by its duly elected nine-member Central Committee of Trustees with input provided by local chapters.  The MPO currently has chapters in the following locations:

  • Chicago, Illinois:  Pirin
  • Cincinnati, Ohio: Bistritsa
  • Columbus, Ohio:  Freedom
  • Detroit, Michigan:  Fatherland
  • Fort Wayne, Indiana:  Kostur
  • New Jersey Region:  Strumishkata Petorka
  • Toronto, Ontario:  Victory
  • Youngstown, Ohio:  Todor Alexandroff

There are several ways to become a member and support our mission.  Becoming an active member goes a long way towards supporting our mission, continuing the tradition of an annual convention, and ensuring the MPO’s existence for future generations.

The MPO is an Indiana not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Unities States Internal Revenue Code.  Donations to the MPO are tax-deductive subject to donor eligibility.